2021 National Voter Registration Day

Join Garrett College and GCNAACP for our National Voter Registration Day event on September 28, 2021.

Garrett County NAACP Branch 7139 is excited to be part of a national effort to strengthen our democracy by registering voters on this year’s National Voter Registration Day, which will take place on September 28, 2021.

First celebrated in 2012, National Voter Registration Day is a nonpartisan holiday that involves thousands of organizations and volunteers working together to ensure their family, friends, and neighbors are registered to vote and ready to cast a ballot. National Voter Registration Day is the perfect opportunity to get involved no matter what party you support or which issues matter most to you.

Today, we invite you to register to vote and learn more at NationalVoterRegistrationDay.org and use #NationalVoterRegistrationDay and #VoteReady on social media to spread the word!

Once you’re registered to vote, there are lots of other ways you can get involved:

• Join Garrett College and GCNAACP at our National Voter Registration Day event (Laker Cafe at Garrett College, 1-3pm on Sept. 28th). IMPORTANT Visitors must complete the COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire prior to attendance.

• Step up to host your own local in-person or online event with your family, friends and neighbors to make sure everyone you know is registered. Click below to learn more about becoming a National Voter Registration Day partner.

• Follow us on social media to get reminders that September 28th is the big day! We’re really excited to be able to join thousands of groups across America for this important national holiday.

Thanks so much for your support!

GCNAACP Executive Committee

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