Nikki Haley on Civil War and Slavery

“Well, the Civil War wasn’t about slavery. It was about States’ Rights.”

States’ Rights to do what? To keep slaves and take them wherever slave owners wanted (including the expansion of slavery to the west).

Even if you consider the argument that this was about economic and political freedom, it always comes back to one main thing: owning & controlling slaves.

Vice President of the Confederacy, Alexander Stephens, said in 1861 that “slavery is the cornerstone of the Confederacy.”

So, why States’ Rights as an argument? The answer can be found in historiography — the history of history. After the war, The Lost Cause of the Confederacy negated the truth of slavery being a main factor for secession, instead building a pseudo-history around heroism and preservation of Southern Honor. We now refer to these types of revisionist myths as fake news.

How Nikki Haley responded last night was cowardly, immoral, and unconscionable. Pandering to potential voters is one thing; negating truth is another. (Side note: Teach our children real history.)

~ GCNAACP President Devin Barroga


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