BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month

August is Black Business Month!

We are more than just statistics or the barriers we face.

August is #BlackBusinessMonth🎉🎉🎉

Pandemic was extremely hard on Black-owned businesses – nearly 40% closed down.

Founded by #JohnWilliamTempleton in 2004, #NationalBlackBusinessMonth celebrates and highlights the 10% of U.S. businesses (2+ million) that are ran by Black business owners. These businesses are essential to the folks and communities in which they serve and operate.

Learn more:

(Please share Black-owned businesses in the comments section – particularly #WesternMarylandBusinesses!)

Here are 5 ways to support Black-owned businesses:

1. Offer Visibility: Support, sponsor, and feature Black-owned businesses via social media, news press, blog, podcast, and the like.

2. Provide Equal Access to Funding: Help remove barriers and increase accessibility to funding and networks for Black-owned businesses.

3. Share Seat at the Table: Open the door to group meetings, networking events, and so on.

4. Be Intentional: Purchase, refer, and engage with businesses throughout the year – not just during a holiday season.

5. Write and Share Reviews: Support Black-owned businesses by leaving online reviews.

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