Garrett County Commissioners Adopt Formal Diversity and Inclusion Statement

At the July 20, 2021 County Commissioner meeting, the Commissioners adopted a formal statement on Diversity and Inclusion in Garrett County.

The statement will form the policy basis for the new Diversity and Inclusion Committee that the county is forming. Commissioner Paul Edwards noted that work on forming the committee is still ongoing and that they should soon be able to announce its mission and membership.

The statement and the committee are in response to a proposal from a group of local citizens. Among other things, the committee proposed:

“The Committee will identify issues of discrimination, racism, hatred, and equity affecting all people in the community and communicate them to the Commissioners. It will gather and disseminate information regarding inclusionary and discriminatory practices. It will start interaction between citizens that will foster understanding and a climate of mutual respect.”

Daphne Gooding and Kate Smith were local Garrett Branch NAACP leaders who participated in the work of the committee.


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